InsightArt brings X-ray imaging services into the field of art authentication and restoration.



InsightArt company combines together two seemingly unrelated words: arts and physics

We do that by applying cutting edge physics tools to study art objects. The core of our work is analysis of paintings and other art pieces using X-ray imaging. We use the best available X-ray imaging cameras that count individual photons of X-rays passing through the studied object. Even more, these cameras also measure wavelength of photons. That is unprecedented technique in art studies that allows identifying different types of materials (pigments) in images.






X-ray cameras in our laboratories are capable of detecting individual photons of X-rays. It gives us possibility to create X-ray images with unprecedented number of gray levels (contrast). It means that we can detect also very small differences in X-ray attenuation in the sample and therefore gain much more information compared to regular X-ray imaging systems.

Offered radiography methods:


High resolution X-ray radiography (HRXR)

Material resolving (color) X-ray radiography (MRXR)


Coming soon:


Material resolving X-ray laminography (MRXL)

X-ray spyglass



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MgA. Jiri Lauterkranc


is a professional art restorer and historian. Jiri works in this field for over ten years. He worked on restoration and authentication of numerous paintings of recognized masters (e.g. Edvard Munch or Vincent van Gogh). Jiri will take care of communication with the customers and he will perform analysis of the final data from the point of view of art restorer and historian. Jiri is also able to offer the full restoration and authentication package within his art restorer company.


Ing. Josef Uher, PhD

is an expert on the spectral X-ray imaging and development of radiation imaging systems. He will be responsible for hardware implementation, maintenance and operation. Josef will design software required for operation of the hardware as well as for the raw data processing.

Jan Sohar


is an experienced business development manager. Jan has successfully started several businesses including production plants. He is major strength is in implementation of internal and external processes necessary to run a company. He will be also responsible for company operation tasks.

Mgr. Vaclav Pavlecka

has more than 10 years of experience from both marketing and innovation, strengthened by experiences from EU, US and China markets. Vaclav is currently a head of venture fund and incubator Air Ventures ( that is nurturing 13 projects, he has co-founded Chicago based adtech incubator Farmhouse for Leo Burnett Prague and he is also one of the core members of Better Cities platform for smartification of the Czech Republic.

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InsightArt brings X-ray imaging services into the field of art authentication and restoration.

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InsightArt brings X-ray imaging services into the field of art authentication and restoration.


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